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    Villette les Vacances: Your Portable Electric Folding Bike


    The Villette les Vacances is a folding e-bike with a 6-speed derailleur. Quickly fold and unfold for instant use, offering the flexibility to ride with or without pedal assistance.


    Perfect for vacations, this versatile foldable e-bike effortlessly takes you from scenic spots to the market, charming villages to the pool, and even handles city parking challenges. Compact and convenient, toss it in the car or take it on public transport, making short trips from the station to your destination or from an out-of-town parking spot to the heart of the city cost-effective.


    Once your camper or caravan is set up, enjoy the freedom with one or two Villette les Vacances folding bikes that easily fit into a car, caravan, or camper. Explore the surroundings on these bikes, with the 7.8 Ah battery offering support for around 40 kilometers at speeds up to 25 kilometers per hour. For longer rides or a more active experience, turn off the assistance. The rear-wheel motor effortlessly handles unexpected steep roads.


    With 6 gears and a simple LED display on the handlebar, choose your preferred assistance level. The Walk Assist function helps you walk the bike in places with steep inclines, like parking garages.

    Charging the battery is easy, usually available at your campsite's power supply. The 7.8 Ah battery is energy-efficient, taking a bit longer to charge but ensuring your bikes are always within sight.

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      Villette les Vacances
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