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le Petit Bonheur

le Petit Bonheur

Villette le Petit Bonheur: Elegant Compact E-Bike


The Villette le Petit Bonheur is a nimble electric ladies' bike with a low step-through and 26-inch wheels, tailored for shorter riders or those preferring a solid stance. Fueled by a rear-wheel motor, it offers 6 gears via Shimano Tourney derailleur and 3 support levels, easily selected with the handlebar's LED display. Accommodating heights from 150 to 175 cm, this e-bike combines simplicity with sophistication.


Key Features:

  • Shimano Tourney 6-speed derailleur
  • MXUS 250 W, 36 V rear-wheel motor
  • 13 Ah, 36V, 468 Wh removable battery
  • Steel frame
  • LED display, 3 support levels
  • 26-inch double-walled rims
  • Chain guard
  • V-brakes front and rear
  • Side stand


Villette Bikes: Carefree Riding

Crafted by experts, your Villette e-bike ensures longevity with high-quality components. Regularly check wear on tires, brakes, gears, and chain, and consider periodic cleaning and lubrication for optimal performance.


Enjoy Every Ride

Ensure a fully charged battery and well-inflated tires before each ride. While the manufacturer's range estimate assumes ideal conditions, actual range can vary due to factors like road conditions and assistance levels.


Ready for Adventure

Unfold, lock with a frame lock (not included), optionally remove the battery for added security, and enjoy your journey. Many places offer battery recharge options, so consider carrying the charger for longer rides.


Battery Care and Storage: Charge the battery fully before the first use and discharge and recharge it at least four times for optimal activation. Afterward, you can charge the battery as needed without affecting its lifespan.

For longer battery life, store it at room temperature when not in use. Avoid submerging the battery in water or using a high-pressure washer for cleaning. When transporting the e-bike on a car bike carrier, remove the battery to prevent rain damage, acting as a high-pressure washer at high speeds.


    € 1.099,00Prijs
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