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le Jovial 2.3 IM

le Jovial 2.3 IM


Urban E600: Powerful Electric Women's Bike


The Urban E600 is an electric women's bike featuring a robust mid-motor and 7-speed gearing—a replacement for the Villette le Jovial I.M, now offered by Villette without the logo but with the same warranty and service conditions. And, we've added a special promotional price!


Designed with the motor's weight precisely in the middle and low to the ground, the bike offers excellent road grip. The battery is cleverly placed on the rear rack. Easily switch between the 5 assistance levels using the digital display. The mechanical disc brakes ensure smooth and efficient braking under all conditions. With stylish brown accents on the saddle and handles, this luxury and comfortable e-bike looks fantastic.


If you enjoy cycling and plan substantial tours, not just short commutes, the Urban E600 is our recommended choice. The bike's performance is outstanding, thanks to the mid-mounted motor positioned low in the frame. With 7 gears, tackle uphill, downhill, flat terrain, with or against the wind this e-bike is versatile. As you increase the assistance level, maintaining a brisk pace becomes easier.


Keep in mind that higher assistance levels may reduce the bike's range. However, with the 13 Ah battery, there's almost always sufficient capacity available.

    € 1.299,00Prijs
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