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Villette le Gros: Your Ultimate Fatbike


The Villette le Gros, featuring 20-inch wheels and 4-inch thick tires, effortlessly handles sand, gravel, snow, and tram rails. A versatile choice for commutes, vacations, or making a statement on a night out. The 10.4 Ah battery neatly fits behind the sturdy folding aluminum frame, ensuring ideal weight distribution. With the MXUS rear-wheel motor providing about 45 Nm of torque and reliable disc brakes, it's a powerful ride. Battery-powered LED lights, pedal reflectors, and spoke reflectors enhance visibility.

Though not the most compact when folded, it fits well in a spacious camper. Explore freely at your destination, from smooth road transitions between villages to off-road adventures on various terrains.


Quality and Reliability: Villette bikes are expertly assembled for long-lasting use. Regular maintenance, including checking tires, brake pads, gears, and chains, is essential. Periodic cleaning and lubrication extend the lifespan.


Enjoy the Ride: Charge the battery and inflate the tires before your ride. Note that the specified range considers optimal conditions. Factors like road conditions, tire pressure, headwinds, and assistance levels can affect the range. If the battery runs low, the bike functions well without assistance, with minimal motor resistance when turned off.


Ready to Roll: Before setting off, ensure a charged battery and proper tire inflation. While on the go, stopping is easy. Fold out the stand, lock it up (lock not included; use an ART-approved lock), and take a break. Many places offer charging options, so consider bringing the charger for longer rides.


Battery, Maintenance, and Storage: Charge the battery fully before the first use. Ride until the indicator blinks, then recharge fully—repeat this at least four times for optimal activation. Afterward, recharge the battery as needed without affecting its lifespan.

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