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Beraud Longtail
  • Beraud Longtail

    Villette Beraud Longtail: Compact Powerhouse for Heavy Loads

    The Villette Beraud Longtail is an electric cargo bike featuring an extended frame and a robust Bafang M410 motor. With 7 gears, hydraulic disc brakes, and a 13 Ah battery, this bike provides stability and ease, even with substantial cargo. The lighting, connected to the battery, is easily controlled through the LCD display. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame, 24-inch wheels, and a capacity of up to 50 kg on the rear carrier, this longtail bike is compact, powerful, and versatile.


    • Beschrijving

      • Motor: Bafang M410 mid-drive motor (80 Nm)
      • Battery: 13 Ah, 24V, positioned behind the frame tube
      • Gears: Shimano Altus derailleur system (7 gears)
      • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes (Logan HD-M200)
      • Wheels: 24 inches with wide balloon tires for grip and comfort
      • Frame: Lightweight aluminum alloy
      • Capacity: 15 kg on the front carrier, 50 kg on the rear carrier
      • Lighting: Connected to the battery, controllable via LCD display
      • Riding Position: Comfortable with adjustable handlebars and long seat post
    € 2.499,00Prijs
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